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Inclusive Education is a teacher recruitment agency that aims to change the way schools, pupils and parents think about classroom cover. We want our fresh approach to temporary teaching assignments to pioneer a partnership between supply teachers and schools that is more beneficial for everyone involved in the education of our children. Educating children with passionate, highly motivated teaching professionals is something we are proud to offer our clients and we will continue to search for and provide these professionals to our schools.

We have staff placed in schools across Greater Manchester and here at Inclusive Education we are constantly searching for like minded professionals to expand our agency and provide teaching experts to schools in need of quality supply staff


'We can help you achieve your aims, objectives and outcomes

Our aim is to be an integral member of a partnership that provides a fair and inclusive service for teachers, schools and students. Where possible,
we will aim to keep the same staff within your school for continuity for both the teachers and students. We are an alternative to agencies that take a large percentage of the profit generated by the teacher. We charge schools less and pay teachers more. We believe our ideology creates happier schools and highly motivated teachers and, in turn, engaged students. We endeavour to reinvest some profit in our teachers and schools in the form of loyalty bonuses.

Steven Errington BSc Hons Education - Founder Incluisive Education Teacher Recruitment Agency

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